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Rondo And Perk Need A Nickname

Rich Levine makes the case at CSN that the other two Celtics starters need a nickname:

With their emergence this season, they deserve far more than the title of the "other two starters." All good heroes need a sidekick and Perk and Rondo have proved themselves more than worthy. They’ve become the Robin to the Big Three’s Batman. They’re the Bake to their Shake or, if you prefer, the Magic Men to their El Diablo. They deserve a nickname that expresses this.

Ideally, I think the name should be collective, one that describes them as one unified entity.  For instance, Slash and Scowl is pretty good, but it doesn’t flow with the Big Three. I don’t want the starting line up to be "The Big Three and Slash and Scowl." It should be stronger, and quicker to the point (plus, Scowl kind of sounds like Scal). It should be "The Big Three and… Boom!" Think about some classic WWF tag team like the Hart Foundation, Strike Force, Demolition or the Natural Disasters. That’s what we’re looking for.

Rich suggests "Superbad." 

See if you can come up with better suggestions than the readers at Ball Don't Lie.

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