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Records? We Don't Care About No Records

The media is starting to make a little bit of noise about breaking records and various milestones.  As a psudo-member of the media, I understand why.  It's an easy story angle and people get excited about records.

On the other hand, I feel like it is very premature to talk about the Celtics breaking the Bulls 72 win record.  Yet, we already have an article by (admitted Boston hater) Bethlehem Shoals making the case that the Celtics just aren't that good yet.  The way I read it, he's saying: "media and fans, take it easy with the whole 'best team ever' talk."

The thing is, I haven't seen anyone (media or fans) make that big a deal about this yet.  The blogger doth protest too much methinks.  I think everyone understands that it is way early in the season for that sort of talk.  Too much can happen.   Besides, the records are not even this team's goal.

Read Scott Souza's piece on the team's attitude about records.

The Celtics have this little game they play when it comes to records, winning streaks, and anything else that doesn’t specifically have to do with securing a championship.

They claim ignorance.

Ask them their record, and they’ll vow they don’t know. Tell them their record, then ask them again the next day, and they’ll swear again they haven’t a clue. Mention a winning streak, and the Charlestown Code of Silence kicks in.

They take pride in the lack of awareness of something they view as insignificant to their ultimate goal.

They need look no further than the Pats to learn a valuable lesson.  Regular season records mean jack if you don't win the ring.  They have one ring, now they want more.  Or put another way: The only record that matters to the Celtics is 17 Banners and counting.

And that's how it should be.

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