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Mutombo Updates

Just catching up on this information that came out yesterday about Mutombo. 

It sounds like the Celtics are interested but Doc isn't optimistic about their chances of signing him.  He thought that Houston would be the big man's ultimate destination.  Then again, there are multiple reports indicating that the Rockets have no interest this year.  So it may come down to the Spurs, Heat, and Celtics.  He expects to make a decision around Christmas time.

See full quotes and links after the break.  (If anyone sees additional updates, please post them here)

Globe 12/18:

Coach Doc Rivers confirmed yesterday the Celtics were interested in free agent center Dikembe Mutombo.

But he predicted Mutombo would return to Houston.

Asked if he had talked with Mutombo, Rivers replied, "Always. He's a good friend. He's going to come back. I talked to him last week - he will come back.

"We're over the [salary] cap so it's tough for us to do a lot of stuff, but we're looking at everybody."

Yesterday, Mutombo attended a United Nations presentation of a Ben Affleck-directed film about refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mutombo's home country.

"I told [Affleck] that I might play in his hometown," Mutombo said in a telephone interview. "He said, 'Come, we'd love to have you.' He's a really nice guy."

Mutombo said he plans to sign with a team after Christmas.

"My agent, David Falk, has talked to the Celtics," he said. "I'm also getting interest from other teams to contribute on [the floor] and on the bench as a mentor."

Houston Chronicle 12/17:

Alexander said the luxury tax threshold of $71.15 million is in effect a hard cap for the Rockets, with the exception of any opportunity to land “a great, great player.”

“I love Dikembe. I love him as a player and as a person,” he said. “He’s a terrific guy and a good player, but he’s not a great, great player anymore.”

Though the Rockets would only have to pay Mutombo about $536,000 (a prorated portion of his veteran’s minimum salary), if signing Mutombo triggered the luxury tax, he would likely cost between $5 million and $7 million in salary, tax and lost shared revenue.

Globe 12/14:

Once Dikembe Mutombo passes out his gifts, he hopes to return to the NBA for a final season, possibly with the Celtics.

The 7-foot-2-inch, 260-pound center said last week he hopes to sign with a team after spending Christmas with his family in Atlanta. The four-time Defensive Player of the Year said among the teams that have shown interest are Boston, San Antonio, and Miami. The former Rocket also said Houston has "not answered me." The 42-year-old, who has blocked 3,278 shots during his 17-year career, said he is in "good shape" from working out three hours a day with spinning classes, yoga, and weightlifting.

"You'll see me in the next two weeks," Mutombo said. "I will be somewhere. I really need to go back to playing. I've just got to make sure that I go to a place where I can be happy. There are about four to five teams that I've been looking at and about seven teams that have shown interest. It's up to me to make my decision."

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