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Bad News In Minny

In case a 4-12 start wasn't enough for the Minnesota Ex-Celtics Timberwolves to be frustrated about, injury arrived to complement insult on Monday: Corey Brewer is done for the year.

The Pioneer Press' Don Seeholzer reported yesterday that Brewer tore his right ACL Saturday night against Denver, but the extent of the injury was discovered courtesy of a Monday morning MRI.

The Wolves certainly don't need any more disadvantages, and it's particularly tough to see the continuation of the rough infancy of Brewer's NBA tenure.

The transition to the pros hasn't been the easiest for the swingman from Florida.  After playing a key role on a back-to-back national championship team in college, Brewer has toiled for a terrible basketball team for his first season and change, and he has already done his share of struggling.

Known for his defense and athleticism at Florida, Brewer has been good in that area for the Wolves, but he has had a lot of trouble on the offensive end.  The swingman shot just 37.4 percent from the field as a rookie and put up a true shooting mark of 42.9 percent that season, which he had upped to 47.3 percent in 15 games this year.  His suspect jump shot has been a problem for him thus far, and he'll need to assert himself more overall offensively when he returns.

Brewer is a hard-working, team-oriented player, and he has the length and speed to change a game with his defense and get to the rim when he is confident at the offensive end.  Sorry to see him experience an injury that is virtually sure to stunt his growth as a player.

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