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Daily Links 12/2

Herald     Celtics teach Magic lesson      
Ray Allen’s family rallies around Joslin Center’s efforts    
Honor roll for Doc Rivers    
Kendrick Perkins gets personal     
Stephon Marbury told to keep away      
Tony Battie-Paul Pierce bond intact     
Boston sports' teams brands near top     
Globe    Celtics cruise to ninth straight       
Sizzling Pierce gave Magic the third degree     
Technically, Rondo keeps improving     
The whole truth    
Globe Celtics blog

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 107, Magic 88: C's don't believe in Magic     
CelticsBlog    Bad news in Minny     
No Magic trick, just another win     
Minor League report      
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Magic      
Giddens shines in OT loss      
Player of the Game - Rajon Rondo     
Magic at Celtics in Pictures 12/1    
Celtics 17    Entering December:  Where do we stand    Game Time interview:  Kendrick Perkins       
Power Rankings:  Are the Magic elite?     
ESPN    Stein's Power Rankings:   Celtics back on top     
Hollinger's rankings:   Celtics drop to third      
For better or worse Redick is getting his shot    
Celtics 24/7    Celtics extend streak to nine     
Red's Army   Best assist man in the NBA?     
Don't make him angry     
Perkisabeast   Howard and Orlando run out of magic against Perkins and the Celtics  
Tuesday Roundup     
Lex Nihil Novi     Has an NBA team ever started consecutive seasons 18-2?     
Ain't we bad     
Nellie speaks for Celtic expatriates      
The riot act part III    
Juiced Sports    Kevin Garnett on Stephon Marbury:  A great person     
Worcester Telegram    Rondo gifts his mom     
Doc’s Coach of Month    
Dime     Don't believe the hype     
WEEI    The genius of Doc Rivers     
Various posts on Jessica Camerato's blog      
Mejia on Hoops    Lopsided loss to the Celtics the least of Magic's problems    
Patriot Ledger    Rajon Rondo just trying to keep it simple    
Deseret News
    Flash battle to overtime but fall in home opener        
Enterprise   Rivers named Coach of the Month      
Sudden explosive Celts make their points     
Orlando Sentinel   Championship trophy spent some time at Doc's breakfast table 
Our Sports Central    Jam capitalize on Flash turnovers to take OT victory   
ProJo    Battie says his Pal Pierce deserves to be a champion    
Celtics breeze past Magic for 9th straight win         
Garnett moving up in NBA history    
Metro    Celtics pound Magic     
Flash Owner's Blog    Home opener     
Daily News Tribune    Celtics, Bentley collaborate     
TO Sports    The NBA:  Where 2010 happens in 2008     
And One     Cavs told to get some skirts     
Suffolk Scoop    Celtics look to defend title for first time in 20 years      
The Truth strikes again      
Rocky Mountain News    Rivers wins third straight coaching award     
The Sports Network    Pierce keys Celtics' 9th straight win     
Fox Sports    Celtics aren't sorry to be repetitive      
New England Sports Blog    Picking in the right Ainge part II      
Celtics roll over the Magic carpet       
Comcast SportsNet     Post game podcap:   Celtics vs Magic        
Tanguay's Take:  I am not crazy   
Connecticut Post    Celtics (pick and) roll the Magic         

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