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JR Giddens Article

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Just following up on my Minor League Report earlier today, here's a good article on JR Giddens from the Daily Herald.

With his numbers and performances, Giddens has proven to the Celtics that he has the ability to become a valuable asset and a player in the NBA. And while it may be frustrating for the former MWC superstar to head to the NBA's minor league, Giddens knows that those in Boston are pulling for him to succeed with the Flash.

"As a competitor and as an athlete, you feel frustrated (being with the Flash and not the Celtics). I wouldn't say disappointed, though, because I know that I need this," Giddens said. "I'd be disappointed if I was down here and wasn't capable of getting the job done. I feel like they (the Celtics) think I'm capable, I just need to get some games under my belt."