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Starting Five - 12/28

Not much new news today, but plenty of perspective and opportunities for soul searching.

  • Spears points out how close the competition is: "if the Celtics were to lose again tonight and the Cavaliers were to beat visiting Miami, Cleveland would lead Boston by percentage points (.023)"
  • He also points out one reason for the struggles: "Fatigue is a factor. Entering last night, Boston was the only Eastern Conference team to have played more than 30 games."
  • Bulpett reports that the team doesn't get too high or too low: "We just don't get down," said Paul Pierce. "We're a veteran team. We stay together. We had that losing streak of three games last year, so hopefully it can come to an end (now). We've just got to gather ourselves and understand what we do when we win and what we do when we lose."
  • Ray is concerned with the way they are finishing games lately (as well he should): “In three of the games we lost - Denver, this game and the Lakers - there’s a point in the fourth quarter where we’re at that moment where we can win the game,” he said. “There’s a critical junction in that fourth quarter where we just end up losing the game. We didn’t get stops and we didn’t score.
  • In case you were wondering... "Celtics president Danny Ainge said all is quiet on the trade and free agent fronts."
  • Bonus Link: Souza talks about the need for a backup to Perkins: "Both Powe and Davis can be exceedingly effective again taller opposing centers with their energy and low centers of gravity, but while that can work to the C's advantage on many nights, opposing teams can also attack the matchup whenever there is time to game plan (as Phil Jackson apparently did for LA's all-important Christmas NBA Finals rematch)."

All put together, we are still 27-4 with the best record and Championship experience up and down the roster.  We also have areas to work on and some aggressive competition breathing down our necks.  There's work to do, but this is still a great team willing to put in that work.

Programming note: A lot of people asked where the Daily Links are - FLCeltsFan is just taking some days off for the holidays.  They'll be back.  No need to panic.  :)

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