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Cross Country Love Fest

First Steve told us about his on going love fest for the Blazers.  Now Ben from Blazers Edge is Bromancing Rondo:

But Rondo, Rondo, wherefore art thou, Rondo? Sure his jumper is still sitting unclaimed in a lost-and-found department somewhere, but his defense, agility and beyond-his-years maturity are the envy of any team currently unhappy with their PG situation.  Today, one beat writer called Rondo "the perfect PG for the Blazers."  Yeah, pretty much.

He even had some excellent quotes from Nate McMillan on Rondo:

I think he has been a real key to that team. You know, I have to look at the other guards (on the ballot) but I think he's a perfect match for that team.

You're talking about an unselfish guard that has three scorers who defends and delivers the ball and he understands that and is good at it.  I think he's been playing really good basketball... he's a tough kid... 

For him last year to win it and be able to grow with those veterans and basically this year expand his game, for you to even ask that question, maybe if he wasn't on that team we wouldn't even be talking about that.

He's looking like an All Star because he's had that opportunity to grow and play with great players.

Feel the love!

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