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Daily Links 12/3

Herald    Celtics have revenge on mind      
Celtics’ Rajon Rondo to try on Nikes     
Pacers stun Lakers      
Globe    Pacers proved no pushovers   
Pacers thumbnails     
Globe Celtics blog      

MetroWest Daily     Celtics need tech support      
CelticsBlog     Conseco:  Home of giant slayers? 
ESPN     East playoffs predictions:  Cavaliers rule      
Awards Watch      
Red's Army    Will people still get Rondo'd?     
Lakers choke against Pacers       
Perkisabeast     Perk five pack      
Indy Cornrows       What's up witht he Boston Celtics?     
Full Court Press    Jim O'Brien - the forgotten coach?      
Patriot Ledger    Battie is witness to Pierce’s hell and heaven     
Celtics remember earlier loss to Indiana     
Incoherent Ramblings on the NBA     Reasons why I hate the Boston Celtics    
Real Clear Sports    Power Rankings - Lakers 1 and Celtics 2      
ProJo     Celtics' Rondo lends hand to hunger campaign     
Layup       The Celtics are better this year?       
Bleacher Report     Kobe Bryant or Paul Pierce:  Who's really better?     
Hoopsworld     Biggest surprises in November      
Sporting News    It's a Lakers-Celtics world       
Bostonist    T is for Tough and Technicals       
Only 10 Things     10 things after 9 straight       
Magic Basketblog     Doc Rivers' biggest break was getting fired by the Magic     
Daily Herald
     Giddens sees D-League as a chance to prove his worth     
Lex Nihil Novi     Memo to KG and the Celtics:  Beware Bynum         
Humble Lamar        
Lakers have played only 4 games away from Staples      
The Zen mistress and his inner child       
O-bie, O-bie!      
Courtside View    Tony Allen may sit vs Pacers      
Hub Hoops    The Truth revealed      
Connecticut Post     Celtic dreams/Laker thoughts       


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