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Mutombo Off The Market

Houston Chronicle

The Rockets reached an agreement with veteran center Dikembe Mutombo on Tuesday, Rockets GM Daryl Morey said.

Mutombo was signed for the remainder of the season at a pro-rated veteran's minimum contract.

"I let a lot of money go. I felt a lot of pressure Yao Ming and Tracy (McGrady) every day calling me, (saying) 'We need you. We need your leadership in the locker room. We need your spirit, something to get us going,' " Mutombo said. "Yao called this morning and said, 'I don't want to hear bad news. I need to hear good news.'

...more quotes from that article:

"It was very difficult the past four months. I didn't know what would happen," Mutombo said. "I was surprised to see Houston come into the picture. I thought it would be Boston or San Antonio. I told the kids Daddy would be playing there."

...and my favorite:

"I almost haven't touched a ball in six months."

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