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Daily Links 12/4

Herald    Rajon Rondo, Celtics push pace    
Indy poll sees Celtics, LA     
Rajon Rondo triple threat      
Danny Granger simply got away from Celtics     
Sam Mitchell axed     
Globe     Rondo sets a hot pace      
Opportunity to beat them has come, gone     
Allen gave an assist to friend     
Various posts in the Globe Celtics blog       

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 114, Pacers 96: Perfect 10     
Megliola: Celts winning over Boston's fan base    Post Ups Notebook:   Live from courtside    
Emerging Rondo drops triple double on Pacers      
Holiday tickets on sale Dec. 5 at 11 AM     
Yardbarke A Great night - Rondo's blog      
CelticsBlog    The Rondo- KG alley oop        
A wave to Sam Mitchell and an NBA coverage note      
Messed around and got a triple double     
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Pacers      
Pacers at Celtics in pictures   12/3       
Player of the game - Rajon Rondo     
Celtics 24/7     Indy gets Rondo'd        
Celtics 17  Uprise of the Pacers, downfall of the Lakers, steady pace of the Celtics  
Red's Army     This just in:   Rondo is good        
Perkisabeast    Rondo goes all world      
A look at the best duos on the Celtics      
Sports of Boston    Rajon Rondo triple double helps Celtics beat Pacers    
Lex Nihil Novi     Rebounding anomaly?      
We just made history and no one cares     
Rajon Rondo sheds the championship hangover      
Plus or minus doubletake      
LA Times    Championship teams don't lose games like the one last night     
Celtics lead the NBA in technicals       
USA Today    Thursday eye opener:  Can anyone beat the Celtics or Lakers?    
Dime    I see three of him     
Rajon Rondo fashion shoot      
Worcester Telegram     Rondo trips Pacers for streaking Celtics       
Stand up guy Tony Allen sits     
Connecticut Post    Rondo Mr Fantastic as he wrecks Pacers      
Whim    High expectations for Boston Celtics  
WEEI     Cowboys to Celtics Allen stays the same           
Hibbert has close ties to the Celtics      
Thoughts from the Jockstrap     Comparing NBA stars and superheros      
Laker Liker   How do this year's Lakers match up with the Celtics?    
Enterprise    Allen's injury leaves C's short at guard    
Rondo triples his fun      
ProJo    Celtics Allen is sidelined by ankle injury     
Rondo hits triple double in win over Pacers     
Hub Hoops      T(A) Pain      
Vegas Deluxe    Paul Pierce's tattoo represents life changing attack  
Fernsten's Follies     Poseyless Celtics:  How are they doing from Range  
Fox Sports    Offseason acquisitions aren't paying dividends    
Sports Network     Boston wins 10th straight behind Rondo's triple double    
Hoopsworld   Rondo, Celtics blast past Pacers for 10th straight         
17 Banners     NBA refs tell Celtics to sit down         
Indy Cornrows    Celtics 114, Pacers 96:  Back to Back reality      
Josh Q Public     Watch your back Chris Paul, it's Rajon Rondo      
Eric Musselman's Blog    Technical fouls an indicator of passion      
Courtside View   TA out;  Pruitt poised to answer the call     
New England Sports Blog    Picking in the right Ainge part III     
Celtics force faulty pacemaker recall     
Comcast SportsNet    Nitpicking 101:  How to properly criticize a 17-2 team     
CSL podcap:  Celtics vs Pacers     

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