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Perk's Offense Improving

One undersold story of the year thus far has been the gradual but consistently improving offensive game for Kendrick Perkins.  My first thought was that he must have put in some extra work with Clifford Ray.  However, this article reminds us that he didn't have much of a summer to work on anything.

Despite undergoing off-season shoulder surgery that cost him nearly the entire summer, Perkins has been as effective and passionate on defense as ever. He has slowly added a nifty offensive move or two as well.

“I didn’t get to really have the off-season the way I wanted,” he said. “With the month of October, I had to hurry up and jam it in all in one. I was trying to work on my game and get better. I am still trying to improve.”

If Perkins keeps improving his offensive game, he'll be an even bigger bargain than he already is (at just over $4M a year - unheard of for a talented big man).

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