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How Much Is a Championship Worth? Forbes Tells Us...

Forbes released its annual list of the most valuable sports franchises today, and found that the Celtics' championship paid off in a big way:

The Celtics' NBA-record, 42-win regular season improvement and NBA title boasted the value of the franchise 14% to $447 million, ninth highest in the league.

Last year, the Celtics were valued at $391 million, a change of $56 million.  The Celtics had total revenue of $149 million, and "income" (really EBITDA, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of $20.1 million.

Also, Forbes named Wyc Grousbeck the 6th best owner in the NBA.  During his tenure, Wyc has overseen the Celtics grow 54.1% in value (8th in the NBA) and 53.6% in revenue (4th in the NBA), and earn $113 million in operating profits (6th in the NBA), despite not owning the Garden.  I guess the owners' investment was worth it, huh?

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