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Daily Links 12/5

Herald    Greg Oden front, center    
Mavs not yet among NBA elite, but they are on the rise    
Accusation of palming ball irks Heat's Dwyane Wade     
Globe    The championship link    
Powe, Davis fill void     
Ex-Celtic Rogers paralyzed      

MetroWest Daily    Cassell not ready to hang 'em up     
CelticsBlog    The Truth revealed      
How much is a championship worth?
Thankful for unanswered prayers      
Red's Army     You gotta spend money to make money     
Fastest trip dub ever?      
I just call it like I see it dog     
Now this will be a test 
Perkisabeast      Perk grants Oden beastly status and other practice notes     
NY Post    Portland excels on, off the court     
Full Court Press    The five pack:  Now more happy and positive     
Blazers Edge    Back and forth with CelticsBlog     
Game 21 preview:  Blazers vs Celtics      
Bucks Diary    Comparing this seasons Celtics to last    
WEEI     Checking in with JR Giddens and Bill Walker     
Celtics 17     Celtics frontcourt:  Where do they rank?       
Pacers recap:  Celtics make it clear    
Eagle Tribune   Superman in waiting    
Washington Post    Can Lakers answer "tough" question?    
Hub Hoops    Oden Claus is coming to town     
Oregon Live   Trail Blazers Celtics preview      
Enterprise    Another hot start vaults Celtics into record books        
Boys Bein' Boys   Rondo is a freak    
Yardbarker   Spirit of Giving - Rondo's Blog     
Comcast SportsNet   Why Rondo triple doubled      
Tony Allen:  Everyone's favorite plus one      
Hoopsworld     Big Al:  Youth no longer an excuse      
ESPN     The things we forget, part 7:  Boston Celtics      
Fernsten's Follies     Punchless bench     Teams adjusting to Lakers' defense      
Fox Sports    Why points are at more of a premium this season      
Bleacher Report     Lakers or Celtics:  Who has the better starters?     
Courtside Live      TA sits, appears doubtful for Friday      
Lex Nihil Novi    Making me feel bad about McHale      
Laker nation dialing it back     
Russ KG and Walton      
Connecticut Post    Rondo's patience part one     
The Pryzbilla that got away      

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