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KG and Baby Will Get Deep

Frank Dell'Apa follows up on the KG/Big Baby incident from last night's game.

Kevin Garnett had strong words for the Celtics' reserves after they squandered most of a 25-point advantage in the final quarter of a 93-78 victory over Portland last night.

Garnett was especially emphatic with second-year forward Glen Davis, grabbing him by the arm during a huddle before the starters returned to the game with 6:04 remaining. After the conflict, Davis sat on the bench with a towel over his head, television close-ups portraying him as near tears.

"I'll probably get real deep with him," Garnett said. "Try to understand what he's going through right now, research the problem. But Baby is frustrated a little bit with some of what we are doing. He just has to understand his role and not come outside of it."

Sounds like the right thing to do.  Davis is obviously an emotional kid and maybe we are seeing just how emotional.  We know he looks up to KG a great deal (remember his nickname "Ticket Stub"?) so I'm sure the criticism just hit him real hard in that moment.  I'm pretty sure that these two guys will "hug it out" (Entourage) and be "better friends for it" (Swingers).

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