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Daily Links 12/6

Herald    Celtics’ all-around play too much for Portland     
Greg Oden strong, but has lots to learn      
Lakers give up another double-digit lead, but hold on to win this time    
Globe    Celtics light up Blazers      
Perkins comes up big vs. Oden       
Garnett chastises Davis, fellow subs     
Various posts in Globe Celtics blog      

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 93, Trail Blazers 78: C's wear down Portland    
For Oden, it's been about growing pains    Postups Notebook:   Live from courtside       
CelticsBlog   Celtics roll to 11th straight     
CSL Sunday postgame with Scott Souza     
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Trailblazers     
Flash roll to 101-81 win over Bighorns     
Player of the Game - Kendrick Perkins      
Blazers at Celtics in pictures 12/5     
ESPN   Per diem:  Can the Celtics win 72?    
Celtics and Lakers vs the 95-96 Bulls     
Celtics end Portland's 6 game streak with convincing win     
Celtics 24/7    C's cruise past Portland, extend streak to 11      
Red's Army    Not ready for prime time     
Where's Rondo?      
Perkisabeast    But this one goes to 11:  Celtics blaze team Oden 93-78     
Bostonist     Celtics go up to eleven      
Madden Tips    2006 draft redo       
Eagle Tribune    Ageless Alan     
Worcester Telegram   Dominating     
Boston starts fast again      
Connecticut Post    Celtics shut down Blazers for 11th straight win     
An East coast thumping     
The Inquisitr     Big Baby Davis now Cry Baby Davis    
Black Athlete    The league is getting Rondo'd      
Blazers Edge   Blazers not enough, Celtics too  much      
WEEI    Scal's new pals     
Mansfield  News    Celtic point guard dishes out assists    
ProJo    Celtics' Cassell keeps his mind on the court      
Celtics find quick path to clobber Blazers      
Rajon Rondo is making Gary Payton eat his words     
Sam Cassell is enjoying his role with the Celtics      
Sports of Boston    Celtics dominate first match against Oden    
Comcast SportsNet     Postgame podcap Celtics vs Blazers 12/5     
Fernsten's Follies       Reading the tea leaves    After talk with Doc, dis from Glove, Rondo rolling    
Fox Sports   Celtics listen to Heinsohn too much     
Oregon Live   Blazers hungry for payback against Boston    
Boston doesn't care about your streak, Blazers      
Enterprise   Oden makes his Boston debut    
Lex Nihil Novi    Rondo does his best imitation of Bird    
Another link between the new big 3 and the old     
Bynum not digging da Zen?      

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