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Starting Five - 12/8

Here are 5 bullet points to start off your day.  Feel free to discuss below.

  • 12 in a row and tied for the best start in franchise history.  So much for worrying about the team slipping from last year's pace.
  • Missing Posey?  I think not (so far).  Tony Allen has stepped up.  Leon Powe has stepped up.  The only worry is that when the playoffs come around, will we miss his experience?  Call me crazy, but I think Ray Allen's improved play might make that a moot point.  Last year Ray was very good.  This year, he's Ray Allen good.  Last year we played several games without getting much at all from Ray (at least in terms of points).  If he can stay productive through the post season, you can finally forget about Mr. Posey.
  • Good for Glen Davis, making no excuses for his passion.  He didn't throw anyone under the bus and he took accountability for his lack of intensity.  A lot of other players and teams may have handled that whole situation differently.  If that's the biggest crisis this team faces all year,... well, I don't want to jinx anything.
  • Nice line in the Herald by Rivers: "It’s funny," Rivers said. "I was upset after the game because I didn’t think Kevin got the ball enough. I thought he probably had six or eight points, and I look at the stat sheet and he was 17 and 20. He’s the only guy in the league that can have a quiet 17 and 20. He does his job every night, doesn’t really need the ball, scores on happenstance and in a way dominates the game quietly."
  • Good teams win ugly games.  Good teams win games even when they play poorly.  In case you missed it, this team is good.  They also have had more than a year to get to know each other and really understand where everyone fits into the offensive and defensive schemes.  Yes, this team certainly can be better than last year.

Bonus point: It sure is hard to get into the Festivus spirit when I have no grievances to air.

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