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Blogger Power Rankings: Week 7

Strong wins against Orlando and the Blazers, two up-and-coming teams, combined with the Lakers loss versus the Pacers has pushed the Champs back to #1 in the weekly Blogger Power Rankings. The dudes at 3 Shades of Blue host this week (a great Grizzlies blog).

If you did not notice though, the Celts are now dominating the top of the Power Rankings.

#1 in the Blogger Power Rankings

#1 in the ESPN Rankings

#1 in the CNN/SI Rankings

#1 in the Rankings

#3 in the Hollinger's Funny Math Rankings (no link for Johnny).

While being at the top in early December means absolutely nothing right now, it is nice to see that the Celtics are getting the deserved recognition for their great start.

My votes for the top 3: (1) Celtics, (2) Lebrons, (3) Fakers. After those three teams, I think you can make a reasonable case for a number of combinations of teams and rankings. Pick your own combination of the top three below.

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