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Daily Links 12/9

Herald    No gliding for Celtics   
Kevin McHale moves from front office to Timberwolves’ bench      
Jump start     
Glen Taylor continues to give McHale chances     
Globe    History on the horizon     
Timberwolves fire Wittman      

MetroWest Daily     Pierce finding elite company    
CelticsBlog   Wasting something special north of the border    
Blogger power rankings week 7     
Any which way but loose     
ESPN     Stein's rankings:  Celtics undisputed number 1     
Red's Army    Order it now, wear it on Christmas     
Perkisabeast     New Beastwear in time for your holiday shopping      
Monday rumor mill    
Indy Cornrows    Appreciating the pain inflicted by Pierce and Allen      
More thoughts on the Pacers and Celtics    
Lex Nihil Novi     Jury duty for Kendrick      
Rajon Rondo:  Best point guard in the East      
Giving the bench haters some perspective      
NY Post    McHale needs to win to salvage his reputation    
Inside    Celtics surge II isn't a sequel yet      
Sports Culture    5 key Celtics players that won gold for the Green and White    
Enterprise    Celts' shooting star Pierce lighting it up     Race to the MVP  
OC Register     Celtics remain must see TV for Lakers        
Our Endless Season     The best shooter in the NBA is alive and well    
Real GM     How many players does each team have in the top 100?     
The Phoenix     KG's darker side     
Josh Q Public    Kevin Garnett for MVP     
Bleacher Report     The Truth vs the King     
Are the Nets any challenge for the Mighty Celtics?      
Boys Bein' Boys    Celtics fans can't wait for Christmas     
Celtics 24/7     Calling all Boston Celtics fans      
Examiner     Two D League games, four teams, and five prospects      
X's and O's of Basketball    Celtics rotating pick and roll offense      
Basketball Daily World    Ray Allen teaches shooting     

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