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Best PG In The East?

We discussed this issue from a slightly different angle a week ago.  Now SI takes up the subject with a roundtable discussion.  A sample:

Ian Thomsen: Right now, I'd list the three All-Star point guards in the East as Harris, Chicago's Derrick Rose and Boston's Rajon Rondo, with Toronto's Jose Calderon marginalized (despite his excellent numbers) because his team is underperforming.

Jack McCallum: Let me get all the grizzled vets mad at me right away: The Bulls' Rose is the best point guard in the East. Right now! Next comes the only guy with a ring, Rondo. Wrestling for third and fourth places are the improving Harris and Calderon.

Note: In the last week Rondo has improved his stats across the board, in large part due to his first triple-double of his career.

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