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We've got a few days off between games, so I thought I'd give out a little link love to some other SBN blogs covering Boston area teams.  Yes, I understand that not all Celtics fans are fans of other Boston teams.  No, nobody asked me to do this.  I'm just trying to highlight some good blogs that a number of you might be interested in.  If not, no big deal, just ignore and move along.

Over The Monster (Red Sox):  I'll be honest, baseball is my 3rd favorite sport and I largely tune it out from June through August.  On the other hand, I find the Winter Meetings largely entertaining and exciting.  Is that wrong?  See OTM's coverage of the meetings. 

Pats Pulpit (Patriots): Last year was about Spygate and 18-1.  This year is about picking up the pieces.  Ok, so the karma gods caught up with them.  Will the media and fans let them off the hook now?  (nope, didn't think so)

From the Rink (General Hockey): Ok, SBN doesn't have a Bruins blog yet (they seem to be adding a hockey blog per day) but I'm told this blog is like the TrueHoop of Hockey.  I say "I'm told" because the last time I followed the sport closely was when Janney was setting up Neely while Bourque was a slapshooting Larry Bird on ice.  With that said, if I'm ever going to jump back on the bandwagon, now might be the time (won 14 of their last 16).

Also of note: I added a widget at the bottom of the left column that links to the Celtics, Red Sox, and Pats RSS feeds.  Enjoy.

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