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Lakers Obsessed With Celtics

Gee, you think we got in their heads at all?  From the OC Register:

There were guys in the players' lounge, which is where Trevor Ariza literally ran from and back when he had to fetch something from his locker. Ariza didn't want to miss a moment of what was playing on TV in the lounge, where Kobe Bryant also was — the same thing that was playing on both training-room TVs.

In the training room, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom were among the Lakers in must-see-TV mode. And when on those TVs referee Jim Clark made a questionable ruling that benefited the Boston Celtics, the groans and profanities spewed from the Lakers' mouths.

The Celtics were playing in Indiana, where the Lakers just lost Tuesday night, and they rallied to force overtime on Paul Pierce's 3-pointer. When regulation ended in that game, Sasha Vujacic walked out of the training room and into the main locker room, visibly upset and shaking his head.

This is the Vujacic who refuses to wear green since the Lakers lost to the Celtics — and chides anyone whom he sees wearing green, even now that we're in the holiday season.

"There's red, yes?" Vujacic will say.

Is it Christmas yet?

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