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Big Day

I really enjoyed Boston's win over Dallas. Fun game to watch. In fact I even decided to go sans recap and let the game speak for itself. In terms of blogging that's what we call a "bad decision", but I don't regret it. What a roller coaster of a victory. I might even watch it again now. Meanwhile, we got some big news with the latest trade. Unfortunately the Celtics have already played the Lakers twice. So for Boston to get an up close look at the new look Lakers they'll both need to...too early for that talk. What a great time to be a fan of the NBA though. Just look at Celtics/Magic and Lakers/Cavs from last Sunday, Celtics/Mavericks and Spurs/Suns from last night, the number of stars in good situations, the Trailblazers, traditional powers rising again, and on and on. I'm excited.

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