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Non Sequitur

Some jumbled up thoughts for you to digest before you fill up on Super Bowl party snacks.
  • I’m not so bothered by the fact that Ray Allen was "snubbed" for the All Star game.  He hasn’t had his best year thus far and there were other deserving players (though I see Pierce’s point about Joe Johnson).  What really bothers me is that I have to find a more creative way around overusing the term "big three" (still in lower case until they win a title).  I sometimes default to "three All Stars" but that isn’t really current anymore.  I may have to add "perennial" to the front of that for it to make sense.
  • Is there any snack more addictive than Oreos?  If I had a whole package in front of me and a big glass of milk, I think I’d eat the whole thing.  Close second: doughnut holes.  I toss those things down like popcorn.  Again, the milk is key.
  • As a blogger, I’m totally jealous of music.  I mean as a medium of expression, you can’t beat the emotion and feeling that can be generated by a good beat and a strong baseline.  Somehow that never translates quite right to the written word.  So I’m left fumbling around with hooks like "clever" or "thought provoking" or actually pretending I know what I’m talking about.  (Yes, and "false modesty" too)
  • For the record I’m in full support of Doc putting KG on forced rest.  Any chance we get to give the big guy some additional rest is a good thing.  Think of it as a vacation Kevin.  It isn’t like you have to recharge your batteries, because they always seem to be full.  But sometimes your body will wear down after all that intensity.  Just take it easy for a few more days.  Anyone else I’d be worried about losing an edge or becoming complacent.  Somehow associating that with KG seems like the most absurd thing in the world.
  • Lets see, the Super Bowl is on Feb. 3rd and pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 15.  That gives the Celtics close to 2 weeks to win over some more casual fans.
  • See, this is why we signed James Posey.  He's a closer.  I really like having him on this team.  He's going to be the difference between winning and losing at least a couple of playoff games.

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