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Game #48 - Open Game Thread: Celtics vs. Spurs

The Celtics have only beaten the San Antonio Spurs once in the Tim Duncan era. Don't get me wrong it was a glorious victory, on St. Patrick's Day no less. Yeah I just linked to my old site. Fine here's a better recap. You really should watch that clip to remember how huge Paul Pierce was down the stretch. However, today's game seems so much bigger. Yes the Celtics don't have Kevin Garnett and this is one of those teams where they really need him. But Tony Parker is out as well. And even though Greg Povocich is whining a bit lately, San Antonio is an old team and their roster is allegedly set, they're still the Spurs. Should be a fun one to watch today. Two closing thoughts.

  1. Check out fellow SB Nation blog Pounding the Rock.
  2. Someone on the Spurs roster, probably Robert Horry, has to remind you of this classic commercial:

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