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Big Baby Rocks Duncan To Sleep


Great win against the defending champs.  Some notes...

  • New nickname for Scalabrine: Air Intangibles
  • Couldn’t stand the Knicks announcers Breen, Jackson, and Van Gundy.  Bill Walton rightly ripped into them at halftime.
  • Love the energy from Big Baby Davis today.  And how about the defense?  He just takes over a game without even scoring that much.
  • Rondo got a double double on rebounds and assists but only 5 points.  I’ll take that any day.
  • There were some times during the first half where Paul Pierce was the only one keeping things close.
  • Like him or not, Manu is a force on that team.
  • Still undefeated against the West.  Ok critics, what have you got now?
  • Hickman and Gilroy made a good point - we're on a 2 game win streak against the Spurs!
  • The AP writer must be a Spurs fan: "under 20 seconds left, Ginobili was hacked while trying a 3, but no foul was called" -- um,... what?

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