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FLCeltsFan has several random thoughts each day, and here is one of her better ones:

The Sonics have 2 former Celtics and technically have 3 players they got from the Celtics if you include Jeff Green who they got with the #5 pick we gave them. The Sonics have the second worst record in the West and third worst overall. The Wolves have 6 former Celtics on their team and have the worst record in the West and second worst record over all. And the Heat have 3 former Celtics including Mark Blount who should count extra because he just just such an unlikeable person. The Heat have the worst record in the league. I mean, this really has to be a coincidence that the three worst teams in the league have the most former Celtics on them, doesn't it?

Sadly, no. It probably isn't just a coincidence.

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