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Is the Sixers' Future Point Guard a Local Product Currently Situated In Memphis?

Rumor has it, he just might be.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

An report said the Sixers were among the teams interested in Lowry. A league source confirmed last night that the Grizzlies were shopping Lowry, and that the Sixers were one of the teams they had called. The source said it would be surprising, however, if anything materialized with the Sixers.

Lowry, of course, refers to Kyle Lowry, the Philadelphia native who is best known for his success over at area university Villanova.  As little as two years ago, along with fellow future pros Randy Foye and Allan Ray, Lowry was one of the keys on a team that went to the Elite Eight before falling to eventual champion Florida.

Now, his return to Philadelphia could make quite a bit of sense.

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Lowry was limited by injuries last season to just 10 games as a rookie, and now he is in the midst of a point guard logjam in Memphis.  Rookie Mike Conley is expected to be the future of the franchise for years to come and likely isn't going anywhere.  As the one possibly useful tangible piece of the Pau Gasol trade, Javaris Crittenton should get a decent shot in Memphis.  The likelihood is that Lowry will be the odd man out either before the trade deadline or over the summer (although a good offer for Crittenton could certainly turn the tide here).

On the Philadelphia end, though he is currently playing well, chances remain high that Andre Miller won't be around when the 'future' actually happens in the City of Brotherly Love.  Lowry would certainly be an instant fan favorite in Philly, and if the Sixers are high enough on his prospects as a pro, he would make Miller expendable in the more immediate future and could serve as one more piece of the rebuilding process.

It will all depend on just how high Ed Stefanski is on Lowry.  And, of course, how easily Chris Wallace can be had this time around. 

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