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Posting and Toasting on the Knicks

I caught up with Seth from Posting and Toasting last night to learn more about the current state of the Knicks. You can catch my answers over at  P&T. That's it for now.

Green Bandwagon: I was watching Sports Center and one of the anchors said, "More bad news for the Knicks..." Immediately all sorts of scenarios ran through my head. And yes one of them involved Zach Randolph and Scores. It turns out the story was about Stephon Marbury missing the rest of the season. I was under the impression that Knicks fans were not upset about that. Your thoughts?

Seth from Posting and Toasting:

"My thoughts are twofold. To win, the Knicks need Marbury. The most recent 8-game losing streak was fraught with crunch time errors and disorganized play when it counted. For all his flaws, Steph can take over in the final few minutes, and he probably would've helped to secure victories in some of those close ones. That said, Marbury doesn't appear to want to be around the Knicks anymore, and things do seem a little lighter without him. Also, when you're sub-.300 and headed for the lottery, every loss counts. Get them draft picks."

Green Bandwagon: If you had the luxury of cleaning house and starting over with the Knicks who would you keep from the current roster?

Seth from Posting and Toasting:

"David Lee, obviously. Nate Robinson and Renaldo Balkman can stay. I like Jamal Crawford and believe he can succeed as long as he's expected to be a leader. Pretty much anybody else could leave without me being upset. Actually, scratch that. Randolph Morris needs to stick around so Renaldo has someone to watch That 70's Show with."
Green Bandwagon: What has been your favorite Knicks moment this season?

Seth from Posting and Toasting:

"November 6, 2007. The Knicks got key contributions from a number of people and gutted it out late to beat the Nuggets in front of a raucous Garden crowd. They moved to 2-1 and had me believing this might be the year they turn things around. Suffice to say I no longer think this might be the year they turn things around."

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