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Ainge Looking, In No Hurry

Bulpett Reports:

"I’m happy with my roster, but I’m still looking for something that might help us," Ainge said. "I don’t really have any specific things I’m hunting for.

"I like our team, so in order for me to do anything it has to be something good. I never say never, but I like our team."

Other random notes/links:

  • TD Banknorth forecloses on Vin Baker's restaurant - Is that irony?
  • Scot Pollard is keeping busy moonlighting as a DJ
  • So let me get this straight, if Kidd gets traded, that opens up another slot on the Eastern All Star game (probably going to Calderon).  But does that mean he bumps someone off the West team?  My guess is that he'll take Kobe's spot (due to his finger) but what's the ruling on that if he doesn't?  Do they get to carry an extra player?

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