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Green With Envy

I'm moonlighting again.  This time for WickedGoodSports, a new blog run by the folks at CSN which also features writers like Mike Gorman and Gary Tanguay.  Here's the intro to my first article:

In the span of two weeks, Pau Gasol, Shaquille O’Neal, and Jason Kidd* have all been traded to the Western Conference. (*This trade has been held up by Devean George, but most still believe it will eventually go through.) Many pundits assume that the latest two deals were made by the Suns and Mavs to counter the Lakers’ big move. That may be true in part, but I see a bigger picture catalyst to all these deals. Teams are witnessing the success the Celtics have had in blending three star players together and that has emboldened GMs to roll the dice and seek out that same winning strategy.

Read the rest here.

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