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Rookie/Sophomore Game

  • I agree with Charles Barkley that Kevin Durant has to get better. And I really like Brandon Roy. He's bigger and more athletic than I realized. Also the fact that Adam Morrison and Shelden Williams were drafted before Roy will be laughable for years to come. Still, if you could only take one guy from tonight's game it would have to be Durant. I know he could shoot better and play more defense. But Durant hasn't even filled out yet and he won't be 20 until September.
  • I thought Rajon Rondo went 50% for most of the evening and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. Yes it was a meaningless exhibition and, given the current health of the Celtics as a team, all that matters is that Rondo came away unscathed. I'd just like people around the country to know how good Rondo is. Although there will be time for that in the spring. Finally, you can't convince me that Jordan Farmar is better than Rondo. You just can't. Actually one more point. Did he really try a lefty windmill?

    Update [2008-2-16 8:36:51 by Jim]: - Rondo did in fact try and fail on his attempt to throw down a lefty windmill. Afterwards the cameras showed KG. He was sitting back down, presumably from getting up to celebrate, and looked genuinely disappointed that the dunk did not go down. And I actually feared for a laughing Carmelo Anthony's safety.

  • Did anyone watch long enough to see the handshake line? I have it on good authority that Sean Williams dropped the F Bomb on Lamarcus Aldridge and refused to shake his hand. Why? I'm not sure. I will say that Williams did not seem to have as much fun as everyone else and was determined to prevent Daniel Gibson from ending the game with his 12th three pointer. Did anyone else see the alleged exchange?

    Update [2008-2-16 8:36:51 by Jim]: - I stayed up until about 1:30 A.M. to catch the replay of this one. It definitely looked like Williams threw up the middle finger and mouthed "Fuck you", but I can't be 100% sure. It happened so quick that even 7-8 viewings left me guessing. There's a decent chance that I'm way off on this one. Why I did not record it is beyond me.

  • I enjoyed a lot of what Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith brought to the table. But they ended up talking over the action way too much in the 2nd half. For example they completely ignored Juan Carlos Navarro's hot streak. In general they stopped showcasing the young guys, which was what the night was all about.
  • Is Robert Parish involved with this weekend at all? He's a private guy but a Louisiana native as well.
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