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Tom Thibodeau 1, All-Star Weekend 0

The man is a defensive genius!

Sure, it's mildly challenging to turn a team with Kevin Garnett thrown into the lineup into a defensive juggernaut.  But the true master is the man who can tame the NBA's Rookie-Sophomore Challenge.

Coaching the Sophomores last night, Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau did just that.

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Under T-Squared's watchful eye, the Sophomores held the Rookies to a paltry 109 points, the seventh lowest scoring total for any squad since the game was changed to the rooks-versus-sophs format in 2000.

Furthermore, the Sophomores forced 24 turnovers while giving the ball away just 9 times themselves.

Tack a win on to Thibodeau's head coaching record.  Sure, it gets an asterisk for being meaningless, but it's a win nonetheless.

On a far more serious note, if we Celts fans have our way, it will be the last 'head coaching' win the newly beloved defensive guru has to worry about for quite some time.

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