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Celtics Links: 2/16/08

Boston Herald
Rondo making his point at All Star Weekend. Green Bandwagon Note - Dwyane Wade, Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant and Isiah Thomas speaking well about Rondo.
A win win for Pierce. Green Bandwagon Note - Ray Allen's initial perception of Pierce is interesting. Check it out.  
No dunk, but Rajon savors the Challenge. Green Bandwagon Note - I knew Rondo tried a lefty windmill.
Boston Globe
Celtics are in much better place.
Rondo will have to pay up. Green Bandwagon Note - At some point I'm going to worry about Rondo and gambling. Not yet.
All Star post ups notebook. Green Bandwagon Note - First I've heard of KG's imminent return. Interesting...
Loy's Place
Rondo makes us proud.
Will the NBA right a wrong?
Detroit News
Real Deal: East is still best.
This year, big doings in Big Easy for Celts at All-Star festivities.
Orlando Sentinel
Celtics rise is sweet redemption for coach Doc Rivers. Green Bandwagon Note - It has been fascinating to watch Doc's career record creep up on .500.
The Shamrock Headband
Potential for positions. Green Bandwagon Note - Center is a definite concern on this squad right now.
Scripps News
Has NBA consipiracy brought Celtics, Lakers back?.

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