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Hold the Phone - Mike Bibby to Atlanta?

I stumbled upon a possible Bibby to Atlanta deal over on Yahoo! and then immediately jumped to Sactown Royalty to get TZ's take. I'm intrigued by the deal. At the very least it makes Atlanta a playoff team this season. They'd be in if the season ended today and I can't see them missing now. Say what you want about Bibby but he is an upgrade over the guys they've had playing the point. Also, now Joe Johnson can definitely play his natural position. And the Hawks only give up one player - Shelden Williams - that could be considered part of their core. Furthermore, as far as I can tell Williams has not been lighting it up. Granted the Hawks still have to decide what they want to do with Josh Smith and Josh Childress. But that is for another day. Meanwhile, as TZ noted, the Kings do gain some financial flexibility. Does this deal seal Ron Artest's fate in Sacramento? It was a long shot for the Kings to sneak into the playoffs and I think we all know what would have happened had that occurred. For the first time in a while the front office may be looking to officially rebuild.

Final Thought: I love everything Kevin Garnett has done for Boston. But I don't want to see any scenario where the Kings cut Tyronn Lue and the diminutive point guard ends up with his buddy KG as a Celtic. I feel very strongly about this. And yes I don't care that Lue helped get KG to Boston.

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