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Daily Links 2/16

Herald       Rondo making his point at All Star Weekend      
A win win for Pierce      
DJ's record finally worthy of the Hall?       
No dunk but Rajon savors the competition       
Globe    Celtics are in a much better place      
Rondo will have to pay up      
Various reports from New Orleans in the Globe Celtics Blog    All Star post ups notebook    
LOY's Place   Rondo makes us proud        
Will the NBA right a wrong?      
ESPN    Hollinger grades the Rookies and Sophs,  Rondo B-   Report card for Rookie/Soph game  Rondo B-     
Detroit News    East is still best       
Enterprise   This year, big doings in Big Easy for Celts at All-Star festivities   
Lowell Sun   Rondo getting right to point        
LSU Beat     Big Baby impresses Rivers     
Green Bandwagon     Rookie/Sophomore game       
Hartford Courant    All Stars give city a hand      
Orlando Sentinel    Celtics rise is sweet redemption for coach Doc Rivers  
Shamrock Headband    Potential for positions        
NCAA Basketball Review    A few Celtics tidbits     
Time    Q&A:  Boston's Big Three    
Times Picayune   NBA event gives rookies a chance to showcase talent    
The Fein Line   Doc Rivers for Coach of the year     
Scripps News   Has NBA consipiracy brought Celtics, Lakers back?     
Bleacher Report      Celtics show 80's home court dominance       
Lex Nihil Novi    86 C's 20-2 since Christmas    
'86 Celtics down Lakers at Forum without McHale      
Magic Johnson gives 86 C's some props   
Patriot Ledger    Celtics All Stars relish the spotlight        

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