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Jamario Moon Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

At this point, this news is a tad late in coming.  But hey, it never hurts to enjoy being amused by the occasional foolhardy comments over your garden variety dunk contest participant.

Apparently, Jamario Moon did the honors prior to Saturday night's throwdown, as reported at SLAM! Sports:

  "I got it," Moon said. "I've got it in my pocket right now." Moon said smiling. "I believe in me and I'm sure those guys believe in what they do. But I think I've got some nice dunks. I've got a couple (in reserve) in case they do something crazy and make me go a little deeper into the hat. I believe in myself."

Not so much.

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For those who took my route (passing out after half of the Shooting Stars competition and waking up just in time for the finals of the dunk contest), Mr. Moon joined Mr. Gay in participating with distinction in the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest.  That would be the distinction of getting knocked out in the first round.  His main function in the finals?  High-fiving Gerald Green after his second-place-worthy dunks.

Good looks, Jamario.  Hopefully, he'll keep the guarantees to a minimum so far as the actually meaningful games for his Raps are concerned. 

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