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KG Likely Back Tuesday

Looks like we may see Garnett back on the court on Tuesday:

"I'm trying to play Tuesday," Garnett told The Globe from NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans. "It's been miserable. To be honest, miserable. But I'm in a good place mentally. I'm dealing with it."

Garnett said he will know more after participating in Monday's practice in Denver -- in particular, how many minutes he'd be looking at to start off. According to The Globe, Garnett was scheduled to have an individual workout in New Orleans on Sunday.

In other injury news:

Doc Rivers gave an update on the latest of the injured Celtics and it's a good news/bad news thing. Brian Scalabrine, who strained his right groin against the Knicks Wednesday, is the bad news part. "I think Scal is going to be out for a while," Rivers said. "We don't know how long. Groin pulls are tough." The good news was for Glen Davis, who strained his left quad in the same game and also has a knee bruise. "Baby's fine," Rivers said of Davis. "He should be back at practice [tomorrow] and playing Tuesday."

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