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KG 50/50, Lue A Target?

Bulpett has the latest on KG:

"I would say 50-50 at best for Tuesday," Rivers said.

By all accounts, Garnett did well in the session here (mostly pick-and-roll stuff) as he seeks to come back from the abdominal strain that has sidelined him the last nine games. But to get to his stated goal of playing against the Nuggets tomorrow night, Garnett must still get through tonight’s team practice in Denver.

"Well, at the end of the day it’s Doc’s call," said Garnett before last night’s NBA All-Star Game, won by the Eastern Conference, 134-128, over the Western Conference. "If we have practice tomorrow (they will), I will participate in practice and we’ll go from there.

"These last four days have been my strongest days. I’ve made major strides and I’m happy with where I’m at. A couple of weeks ago I could only do limited things, and I’m back to my old self again."

Asked if he was still feeling good about his Tuesday goal, Garnett said, "Yeah, I am, but I don’t think Doc feels so good about it. So if y’all could say a couple of words to Doc for me (to) help me out, I’d appreciate it."

In other news, Ty Lue has been mentioned as a potential cut in Sacramento.  He may be someone the Celtics could be interested in picking up. (Sac Bee)

Tryonn Lue and his expiring contract might not be long for the Sacramento Kings, as he has been pursued by the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics and could be used in any subsequent deals before Thursday's trade deadline.

For those that don't remember, Lue is good friends with KG and actually helped convince him to accept the trade to Boston this summer.

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