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How To Avoid Being "That Boston Fan"

My latest article is up at WickedGoodSports:

The three major Boston area sports teams have enjoyed quite a run of success recently.  Since the turn of the century, the Red Sox have two World Series wins and the Pats have 3 Super Bowl wins (out of 4 appearances).  Lately, even the Celtics have gotten into the act, leading the NBA in wins (41) at the All Star break.  As fans we have every right to be proud of the teams we follow with as much passion and devotion as any fanbase in the country.

However, the price of all that success is a growing sentiment of animosity from fans of other teams.  The rest of the country is flat-out sick of hearing about Boston and they are already lumping us in with the fans of Duke, the Cowboys, and yes even the Yankees.  Call it jealousy if you like.  Blame the East coast media bias.  Blame Bill Belichick.  Blame Bill Simmons if it makes you feel better.  But the fact is much of the country hates us.

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