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The Latest Fun With Zeke

Reporting the chronicles of the miserable isn't necessarily a hobby here.  But when it comes to Isiah Thomas and the hated Knicks, we simply can't resist.

The latest bit of fun comes courtesy of Frank Isola's piece for the New York Daily News:

Said one league executive: "I heard three times this year that Isiah was getting fired but nothing happened so I don’t know what to expect. I just can’t believe he’s still there."

The Isiah Regime in the Sizable Apple remains the gift that simply keeps on giving.

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There was the losing.  The losing was followed by a flurry of player movement.  New players, same result.  This led to more new players, and more of the same results, with the citizenship level of the acquired players getting progressively lower with each go-around.

Along the way, the fans and media have grown progressively less patient with Isiah.  And now (starting with Mike Dunleavy a few weeks back), his peers around the league are starting to pile on.

For an admitted Knicks detractor, it's hard not to enjoy this while it lasts. 

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