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Rondo Love

Rondo is getting more love around the league.  Here's a quote from an article by Justin Powell of

The Celtics play a lot better when Rondo is on the court -- an average of about 3.8 points per game better. That’s a better mark than everyone on the team except Garnett and Paul Pierce. It’s more than three points better than Ray Allen’s average plus-minus rating.

Just like Garnett, Rondo is a player who gives maximum effort every time down the court, and his teammates feed off that.

Watching him get up in the face of the guy he’s guarding each night, it’d be tough not to play as hard as possible if you were one of his teammates.

He’s pesky, he’s physical, he creates a lot of turnovers, and he’s athletic enough to recover from his defensive mistakes. If you’re playing against him, the word that best sums him up is "annoying." 

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