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Jealous of the Boys From the Alamo

Jeff Clark reported it here earlier, but just in case anyone missed it, yes, the Spurs have indeed acquired my dream big man.

As per the AP report:

The San Antonio Spurs acquired veteran forward Kurt Thomas from the Seattle SuperSonics on Wednesday night for guard Brent Barry, center Francisco Elson and a 2009 first-round draft pick.

As would have been the case for the folks in green if they had ever had a conceivable shot at landing KT, the Spurs are about to take a quantum leap forward in their effectiveness at both ends of the floor.

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The veteran big man's rebounding and defensive prowess have been thoroughly rehashed on this space on several occasions before.  That he will set hard screens, bang with anybody on the offensive glass and force teams to stay honest on pick and rolls doesn't hurt either.

And oh yeah, by acquiring Thomas, the Spurs took one of the few defenders who has any semblance of a chance of playing Tim Duncan effectively off the market at a bargain price.

Great acquisition. 

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