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Tough Loss

If you didn't stay up you can catch the highlights here. Although the fact that they showed KG's put back dunk and not Rajon Rondo's is inexcusable. The footage is weak on that Rondo dunk and it does not do it justice. I screamed when it happened.

Some points from the game:

  1. It was good to see Kevin Garnett back. But he's definitely rusty.
  2. It's not easy to beat the Celtics. Towards the end there Ray Allen and Eddie House each hit a three that at the very least made it interesting.
  3. How about Paul Pierce dunking over Marcus Camby?
  4. Camby's 3 was a back breaker.
  5. It felt like a playoff atmosphere.
  6. Celtics fans can complain about the Nuggets shooting 49 free throws to the Celtics 28 as long as those same fans did not ignore the drastic advantage Boston had in that area (34-13) against San Antonio on ABC. Also the Celtics have to shoot better from the line (67.9%). As a side note the Nuggets had a solid advantage even before Boston started fouling on purpose.
  7. One of the best outcomes of the KG injury is that Leon Powe showed he can contribute. He continued to do so last night.
  8. Kenyon Martin can bring a lot more to the Nuggets than I thought he could after all the injuries and surgeries.
  9. Bottom line the Celtics had to come up with some stops and they were not able to do so. The defense was shaky at best.
- That's it for now. I've got some Golden State Warriors info on the way...

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