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No Deals (Most Likely)

Steve Bulpett reports:

The Celtics weren’t close to anything on the deal front as today’s NBA trade deadline approached, according to Danny Ainge.

According to league sources, Ainge has fielded queries for most of his players, with Leon Powe and Glen Davis of particular interest. That may be because Powe is under a team option for next year, while Davis is on a one-year contract, but there’s no question the two have played well, extremely so at times.

Ainge refused to comment on those inquiries, but he reiterated that he’s comfortable with the team he has.

After today, the next key date on the NBA calendar is March 1. Any player involved in a post-deadline waiver deal must be waived by then in order to be eligible for the signing team’s playoff roster. (So keep an eye on that, all you Sam Cassell fans.)

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