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Daily Links 2/21

Herald    C's left Baron in Oakland     
No deal is near, needed     
It's the Powe show      
Globe  Warriors' Davis leaves lasting impression     
In terms of history, these men get the picture      
CelticsBlog   Five trade deadline wishes    
LOY's Place    The good, the bad and the ugly in Oakland  
Comments from the Other Side - Warriors       
Celtics 24/7    Baron's buzzer beater downs Celtics      
Full Court Press   To the men without belts:   I demand some answers  
Connecticut Post   Davis delivers at the buzzer   
Mercury News   Celtics' Powe has reason to be proud      
Warriors stun Celtics      
Davis' shot beats buzzer and Celtics      
Sports of Boston     Green losing their luck out West   
Fast Break   Luck of the boom      
SFGate    In Garnett's absence, Powe spreads wings  
Red's Army   Fear the beard  
Losses more impressive than wins?
Bleacher Report   Celtics, Pistons, Magic: The real Big Three   
BostonSportZ    KG's powder routine        
Golden State of Mind   Celtics vs Warriors open thread   Players, teams to watch as trade deadline approaches 
Fox Sports    KG is Boston's really Big Ticket  
National Post   New life for the Lakers Celtics rivalry     
Boston Now   For Celtics, Goliath awaits      
Questions loom           
FanHouse   Knicks turn on each other      
Parquet Pride    Playoff tested blogger approved     
Shamrock Headband   Rocky Mountain oysters     
Green Bandwagon    Celtics at Warriors     
Lex Nihil Novi    C's move to 42-10 on Bird's triple double      
Contra Costa Times    Warriors, Baron rule the day       

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