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T-Mac Misses Vote In Rockets' Front Office

Or perhaps he wasn't given a vote in the first place, since, you know, he is a player and all.

One way or the other, Tracy McGrady isn't thrilled regarding the Rockets' new acquisition of Bobby Jackson -- or at least Jackson's price.  The Rockets gave up point guard Mike James and swingman Bonzi Wells in exchange for the back-up point guard from New Orleans, and the departure of the long-troubled Wells in particular seems to have drawn T-Mac's ire.  As per Steve Campbell's Sports Soup:

"It's a sad day,'' Tracy McGrady said.

So how does this help the team?

"I don't know,'' McGrady said. "You never know. We'll see. I really don't have much to say about it. We'll see.''

"To lose Bonzi, that's pretty tough to lose,'' McGrady said. ``That's a lot. His ability to get us extra possessions on offense. Just his presence out there on the basketball court.''

Not entirely sure what to make of all that.

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With the exception of that middle comment, the rest of McGrady's comments appear to be a rather innocent tribute to a departing teammate and friend.  That said, he certainly didn't offer any ringing endorsement of the Rockets' front office regarding the trade on the whole.

Whether the Houston brass made the right move is certainly up for debate.  But as the player who sets the tone for this team -- a team that happens to be very hot right now -- it may have been in the team's best interests for McGrady to at least have been a tad more upbeat regarding the prospects moving forward with Jackson.  Then again, maybe I'm just nitpicking about miniature morale issues that mean less than it sometimes appears they do.

Here's hoping T-Mac likes his even newer teammate a bit more: Gerald Green. 

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