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One Trade Deadline Wish Is Effectively Granted

Thursday morning's musings in this space featured a list of wishes for certain around-the-league activity prior to this season's trading deadline. 

The most important of those wishes (inactivity by the Knicks) was indeed granted.  The ones that involved actual action weren't.

Until now.

From the San Antonio Express-News:

Brent Barry will be free soon. The Sonics have waived him, and he can sign with any team after a 48-hour period.

Any team except the Spurs, of course. Because they traded him, they wouldn't be able to re-sign him for 30 days.

Wish granted.

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Here's pushing for a return to San Antonio for the 36-year-old guard.  As was referenced on Thursday, Barry has been a class guy throughout his career and his done virtually whatever has been asked of him during three and a half seasons in San Antonio, over which he has won two rings.  It would be nice to see him have the chance to pursue a third with the boys in black and silver (and nicer to see them fall short to the C's).

Further, as my boy Southern Hospitality Incarnate Thiessen over at Spur of the Moment reminds us, it wouldn't hurt Barry much to take the month off, as he has been battling a calf injury that will keep him out a little longer anyway.  If Barry takes the time to rest his aging body, he'll be able to come back fresh for the playoff run for the Spurs.

Seems like a winning formula all around.

Until Barry and his team run into the green, that is. 

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