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Game #53 - Reactionary Recap: Boston Celtics @ Phoenix Suns

The Celtics got out rebounded 50-32.

Boston shot 38.5% from the floor and only went to the line 16 times. I want to stress how poorly the Celtics shot from the field.

Though Phoenix had turnovers 24, the Celtics' 20 is still not good.

Boston is now 0-3 since the All Star break and yet I'm still not concerned. In fact I'm just annoyed that Marty Burns thinks the Celtics are trade deadline losers. What were they supposed to do? Hold off last summer on the Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett trades? As a side note the Celtics looked like they were going to get run out of the gym. They're still a tough team to beat.

The Suns have a lot more weapons than I gave them credit for when the Shaq trade went down. It's a really interesting team.

The whole Amare/KG encounter was something and is worth revisiting. That's it for now.

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