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FYI: Free ticket contest

Hey, guys, I wanted to bring your attention to a contest being run by one of our members, bboncorr26, in our off-topic forum.  While Celticsblog has fairly specific rules about ticket giveaways (which you should all read), bboncorr26 has come through with tickets in the past.  The contest is open to anybody 18 and older who lives in New England (or who will give the tickets to somebody who lives in New England.)

The two tickets are for the April 2 game against Indiana. They're pretty good seats, in Section 10, Row 2.  I'll let bboncorr24 explain the rest of the rules, here .  Please note that this contest is in no way affiliated with Celticsblog or its staff; we're just giving a long-time member a chance to benefit the Celtics online community.

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